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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cynical Smiles...

The issues of NE students like Dana Sangma, Richard Loitham and many more un-named and forgotten victims, brings to mind a rather bitter joke I had used with my british and yank cousins to explain why we are what or how we are -

Indian movies (especially those of 70's, 80's and 90's) often go above the top with violence, gore and melodrama, because for the average indian of those times, cinema was the only vicarious release for all the frustrations endured and inabilities silenced. It was cathartic for the normal bloke to believe that "justice" will prevail and "revenge" can be had - usually without a backlash and preferably with a happily everafter ending. Fact is, even today, the entire indian film & television industry exist on the same ideals (perhaps with a touch more sophistry).... a fact that cannot be understood by anyone who has not spent a satisfactory amount of time in India as an adult.

And my cousins would smile and think I was "full of myself" and a "character"....

I smile at the attempts of the media,
the rabid flailings of the students, parents and well-wishers
and KNOW that in a while, they will all disperse... today, tomorrow, soon..

I smile at the media's castigation of criminals
because I KNOW what our judicial system is like
how they will slip past if they have the money & contacts.

I smile at all the hopefuls we have,
In India and elsewhere who dream of ideals and sentiments
and KNOW that if forced to choose for their own life & living or their families,
everything else will take a back seat... just like any other human....

And FINALLY, I smile
because cynics like me can do no more than smile
and KNOW that I'm part of the problem in itself..... :P

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